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Years ago, when we still had our dog Arrow, Esteban and I used to hike in a state park almost every weekend. But after Arrow died and our lives grew more complicated we slowly abandoned the habit. I’d almost forgotten we even had state parks in Minnesota until my friend Silke — who was visiting […]

Back in February, I wrote a quick synopsis of my trip to Paris and promised I’d “be back with more soon.” Does *eight months later* count as “soon”? I’m hoping you’ll take a long-term view and forgive my long absence. Bien, alors … Those of you who know me know how much I love Paris […]

“Expectations are the great killers of good travel. I try to leave them at home.” The words of my friend (and expert traveler) Chris echoed in my head this afternoon as I sat on the plane, waiting to take off. I’ve daydreamed about the adventures that await me in Paris. Will this trip develop a […]