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Graphic created with images and posts compiled from UNICEF’s Twitter feed. All images copyright UNICEF. Read more about UNICEF’s work with refugees.

Image copyright Pete Souza / White House

In memory of Leonard Cohen, 9/21/1934 – 11/10/2016

Today is Memorial Day in the U.S. — a day to remember and honor those we’ve lost to the senseless tragedy that is war. Here’s one story, about a distant relative, I first published in 2014. May Doug and his sacrifice never be forgotten. On September 27 1942, Douglas Albert Munro sacrificed his life in […]

I would love to hear your end-of-year reflections: 1. What was your greatest accomplishment? (Tell me so I can cheer for you!) 2. If you could do one thing over, what would it be? 3. What are you most looking forward to in 2016? I had to think hard when I read my friend Carolyn’s […]

Today is Esteban’s and my 25th wedding anniversary. Look at us! We were so young … so clueless … and so deliriously happy. I was thinking last night about how to best mark the occasion. List the milestones, perhaps? After 25 years, there are plenty: We’ve bought a house, gotten married, adopted a dog, lost […]

When I visited my parents in Florida last April, they offered me the red photo album that chronicles my first two years. I was reluctant to take it because it’s a piece of our family history. But my mom insisted: “These are your photos,” she said. “You should have them.” I’ve been thumbing through the […]

This post is dedicated to my friend Gilles Thomas, for his tireless devotion to preserving the work — and honoring the memory — of Charles-Axel Guillaumot. Suppose you’ve been hired to oversee a vast and vital railroad network. Now imagine that, on the very first day of your new job, one of the trains on […]

This morning I met with a couple who are trying to adopt a child. It’s a rigorous application process, so they asked me to help write a “family biography” about their background, values, and hopes for their future child. Two things struck me about the conversation: First, how carefully they’d considered their decision to adopt. […]