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On my desktop sits a folder called “funnies.” Some of its contents date back to the earliest days of the internet, so I no longer remember their source. The internet circa 1973. I had a lot fewer bookmarks back then. But no matter: Whenever I’m having a rough day, the “funnies” file always brings a […]

Fail harder


I read an article a while back about Johannes Haushofer, a professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University who wrote a rather unconventional résumé: rather than tout his accomplishments, instead he listed his failures. “Most of what I try fails, but these failures are often invisible, while the successes are visible,” Haushofer wrote. […]

One of our favorite pastimes in Minnesota is talking about the weather. This isn’t because we’re superficial or boring; rather, it’s because our weather is so darned interesting. Last Tuesday is a perfect example. The day started gloriously, with bright sunshine and blue skies. I wanted to be outside — but since I was already […]

In spite of my best intentions I’ve struggled to update my blog lately. There’s much news to share, but little time — so I’ll just give you the big headline: After much soul-searching, Esteban and I have decided to move to Patagonia. Esteban has been fascinated with Patagonia since 1998, when my parents gave him […]

Where do you turn for photographic inspiration? Flickr, perhaps? Or Instagram? Not me — not anymore. I turn to online auctions and classified ads. I’ve gained a bit of weight recently, for reasons I don’t understand. So in spite of some unfortunate past purchases … … I’ve been shopping for cheap-yet-more-or-less-presentable Pants In A Bigger […]



I usually struggle when my parents ask what I want for Christmas. I truly don’t need anything — and increasingly I don’t want anything, either. But last year was different. “I’d love a Fitbit,” I wrote my mom, “just the basic one, please, in a size small.” This represented a big reversal for someone who […]

This little snippet of “poetry” made me laugh out loud when I saw it in George Takei’s Facebook feed. I haven’t been able to pinpoint the original author, but RESPECT. Fontplay by yours truly; Image via

“In writing, you must kill your darlings.” William Faulkner said that, although I’ve always blamed Truman Capote. No matter: Either way, it’s true. Self-editing can be painful and difficult, because it requires that you judge yourself. It demands that you make tough choices about which words matter — and forces you to cut words that […]

Today is Esteban’s and my 25th wedding anniversary. Look at us! We were so young … so clueless … and so deliriously happy. I was thinking last night about how to best mark the occasion. List the milestones, perhaps? After 25 years, there are plenty: We’ve bought a house, gotten married, adopted a dog, lost […]

Last weekend I took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to have a walk around Como Lake in St. Paul. One of the ways you can determine the temperature in wintry Minnesota — apart from timing how long it takes your extremities to freeze solid — is to listen to the snow. Really! When it’s […]