One of my favorite things about blogging on WordPress is its vibrant community. Here are a few of the blogs I follow and recommend.

From book reviews and food to photography and life in Hong Kong, Angelina Hue always has something interesting (and inspiring) to share.

Whether you’re an avid reader or just naturally curious, Arts & Letters Daily brings you the latest books, articles of note, and opinion writing to inform your day.

What do visionary marketers do in their spare time? Yann Gournevec answers that question with wonderful photograpy in Antimuseum in Paris.

Both in English and in French, The Butterflies’ Fairy writes beautifully and poignantly about our shared human condition.

Feeling creatively stuck, or lacking in inspiration? Spend a few minutes with the multitalented Cheri Lucas Rowlands’ writing and photography.

With gorgeous photos and sublime writing Dancing Beastie gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a Scottish castle.

Danish Exchange is about “Danish living through the lens and the pen of a native African.” But as her navigation menu attests, that barely scratches the surface.

I don’t always agree with Don of All Trades, but he’s helped me better understand what it’s like to be a cop in the United States in 2017.

Charlie O’Shields may be one of the most prolific watercolor artists — and one of the most charming writers — alive today. Check out his latest at Doodlewash.

Down the Road was the first blog I ever subscribed to. Eight years later, Jim Grey continues to deliver thought-provoking posts and beautiful photography.

Do you have even a passing interest in the food, art, music, history, architecture, or little-known secrets of Paris? You’ve got to check out A French Frye in Paris.

Whether you’re an armchair traveler or an gung-ho globetrotter, you’ll appreciate — and learn from — the photos, trips and tips at Gracefully Global.

In Flow showacses photographer Otto Von Münchow’s professional work as well as the lessons he shares through his “continuous learning process.”

She hasn’t posted in ages, but I still visit Julie at It’s A Beautiful Tree occasionally as a reminder of the power of storytelling — and thorough research.

I often find myself revisiting topics in my head again and again after reading J P Cavanaugh’s posts. I bet you will too.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an airline captain? Through his wry cartoons and fascinating posts, Jeff Manno opens the cockpit door in his blog, JetHead.

Through the snippets about daily life in her Learn More Every Day blog, Patti Ross gives us a master class in authentic, unselfconscious writing.

Massage … Often a Wordless Feeling focuses on caring for our bodies, but the lessons Lara shares can benefit our emotional and spiritual lives as well.

When life overwhelms me, I head over to Andy Porter’s North Western Images and gaze at his mind-blowing astrophotography and landscapes.

Sion Dayson moved to Paris on a whim and as one might expect, a lot of things went wrong. But many also went right. Read about them all in Paris (im)Perfect.

Even in decay there can be beauty, as Peeling Walls demonstrates in her photo tours of crumbling buildings and institutions.

Pierre P. is a photographer based in Paris and Lyon whose gorgeous images inspire me and provoke fits of envy in equal measure.

I used to think I didn’t much care for poetry. Jason Leslie Rogers at A Sacred Path has changed my mind.

If you sing — or would like to improve your English — you’ll love Sing Better English and its insights into songs you only *thought* you knew.

Soundlandscapes captures Paris’ sonic landscape — both its everyday sounds and extraordinary events — and presents them with fascinating historical context.

Terry Lewis is “a guy in his 50’s who [writes] … the stuff that life is made of.” That simple description doesn’t do his philosophy or wonderful writing justice.

Third Eye Mom “explores the world through travel, culture, and social good.” Whether she’s writing from Nepal or Costa Rica, she’s nailing her mission statement.

Whether he’s writing about leadership or leading a more authentic life, Tom Heuerman at Tom’s Thoughts teaches us through his own rich experience.

Ever dreamed of hiking the Appalachian trail — or walking from Kyoto to Tokyo? Trail to Peak has detailed a dozen such adventures, plus some great gear reviews.

Behind the funny name Tyrannousaurus Fir is a wonderful writer, photographer, and philosopher whose posts celebrate our connection to the natural world.

Rosa de los Vientos’ charming Una Mirada B sketches will bring a smile. And if you visit often enough, you’ll soon feel as if you personally know her cast of characters.

Verisimilitude explores everything from politics and photography to travel and tennis, always from a thoughtful and philosophical perspective.

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