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When I heard about the attacks in Paris last night, my first thought was my friends. They come from all walks of life: journalists, musicians, authors, photographers. One is a tour guide, a yoga teacher; another is my underground muse. A couple are unemployed — and a couple more are retired. In spite of their […]

Dynamite and Prayers is the title of photographer Max Becherer’s stunning new book. Although the subject is the emerald miners of Afghanistan, Max’s storytelling transports us to a sweeping landscape few of us can even imagine — and unveils the true cost of war. I’ve had the privilege of working with many world-class photographers, but […]

I was heartbroken when I heard about Robin Williams’ suicide last August. He’d overcome so much, and in the process it seemed he’d grown wise. But I also felt betrayed. Had his unhinged joyfulness been just an act? Or had he forgotten his own lessons? My questions vanished the other day when his widow shared […]