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When I visited my parents in Florida last April, they offered me the red photo album that chronicles my first two years. I was reluctant to take it because it’s a piece of our family history. But my mom insisted: “These are your photos,” she said. “You should have them.” I’ve been thumbing through the […]

I hesitated to accept my boss’ invitation to the conference last fall, because I’d always associated New Orleans with grime and crime. And anyway, the conference was just one week after visiting my parents in Florida — and two weeks before my trip to Paris. “It’s too much travel,” I told my husband Steve. “But […]

Even after 30-plus Minnesota winters, I’m still astounded every spring when the snow stops, the ground thaws, and life re-emerges. It seems impossible (miraculous!) that anything can survive — especially the little things, like field mice and wildflowers. I have no field mice to offer today. But I do have a bumper-crop of wildflowers — […]