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It’s funny how conversations and events sometimes conspire to get you off your [creative] butt. First it was the ongoing discussion with a photographer friend who encouraged me to “digitally darkroom” some of my old photos. Then on Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Turnley’s gorgeous new book, French Kiss – A Love […]

I’ve had a running conversation with my photographer friend Craig for some weeks about processing digital images. For whatever reason, I’d come to think that “real” photographers produce great images straight out of the camera, and that retouching them in Photoshop is cheating. But Craig took a different view. And through his gentle persistence — […]

It’s not often that my life in Minnesota and my love of France intersect in a single image, but that’s exactly what happened when I logged into Facebook today. Isn’t that brilliant — and hilarious? What wasn’t so hilarious was trying to attribute the image: My friend shared it via, who got it from […]