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Today marks the centenary of my favorite Christmas story. It happened in 1914, only five months after the beginning of World War I. The British soldiers who huddled in the trenches must have been miserable that clear December evening, as a blanket of damp and darkness enveloped them. The winter of 1914 had been fierce […]

Although it’s already been weeks since we had our first snow in Minnesota, today’s winter solstice marks the official start of winter — and the shortest day of the year. I had every intention of scampering outside this morning to set up my tripod and do a time-lapse film of the entire day. Alas, Mother […]

Just got the radiologist’s report: ‘No change in the nonenhancing mass adjacent to the right atrium.’ (In English, that means, ‘the brain tumor appears to be stable.’) Looks like you’re all stuck with me for a while longer!” That’s what I posted on Facebook yesterday, immediately after exhaling my biggest sigh of relief yet. It’s […]

According to Google, we have a fourth major religion! It doesn’t offer any festive holidays, but at least it’s easy to convert: Simply click “save as,” and then choose “PDF.” Happy holidays, friends.  

The post from Melody Moves to Bulgaria was the first thing I read this morning as I was lolling in bed like a walrus, my head still hazy and heavy with sleep. “So, here is the truth about why I haven’t been writing on my blog,” she began. The experiences she shared seemed dreamlike, when […]

I was walking along the Seine on my last night in Paris when I heard the soft strumming of a guitar and laughter coming from the quay below. I paused for a moment to listen, and it was only then that I noticed the people and the soft lights across the river. Everything around me […]