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My inner mountain goat comes out whenever I visit a new city: I always feel compelled to climb the tallest object. In New York, that would be One World Trade Center. It’s so tall it’s literally a sky-scraper! Alas, during my visit last weekend it wasn’t yet completed, so I went for the next-best thing. […]

Among HBlog’s notifications today I found this lovely note from WordPress: Although I titled my first post “Why blog?” I honestly don’t remember what compelled me to start HBlog. But I do remember being painfully self-conscious at first, worried that I would offend — or worse, bore — my online audience. My worries were unfounded, […]

Although I’m increasingly disenchanted with Facebook, occasionally I still get to see one of my friends’ posts. This one caught my eye today: Curious about the source of all this priceless advice, I Googled “How to feel miserable as an artist.” *PING*! Up popped illustrator Keri Smith’s wise and wonderful website. Clearly, she’s done a […]

Remember the story about the farmer who had a goose that laid golden eggs? Day after day, it gave him a golden egg, but — although he was slowly becoming rich — the farmer became impatient. One day, convinced that the goose’s belly was full of gold, he slaughtered the goose and cut it open. […]

I had the unbelievable good fortune today to attend the fifth annual Sea Change conference at the University of Minnesota. I’ll write (much!) more about this inspiring event when I get permission to share some PowerPoint slides and republish a few photos. In the meantime, the story I can share pertains to one of the […]

Quickly, off the top of your head: What’s the most powerful punctuation mark in the English language? If you chose the exclamation mark, you have a bright future in (bad)vertising. I learned this from my creative director: “If you’ve written something well enough, you don’t need exclamation points.” And also, “They’re the equivalent of shouting.” […]

I felt melancholic after calling my mom this morning to wish her a happy Mother’s Day, so I decided to revisit the old family photos. There were lots of Christmases in there — and also some (apparently important) occasions I no longer remember. But as I flipped through 40 years of memories, it struck me […]

It’s been almost three weeks since I bought The ‘Roo to replace my beloved (but defunct) Smurfmobile. But as much as I’ve enjoyed my daily commutes in my new car, I’ve been itching to take a road trip. On Saturday I finally found my excuse: a visit with my dear friend Pam in Frontenac. Pam […]