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Although I’m still sorting through the 6,000-plus images I shot while traveling with Esteban last December, I’ve at least managed to assemble a peek at the beautiful city of Colmar in northeastern France. Colmar is just 30-some miles west of Freiburg, directly across the (current) French-German border. But because the bridge over the Rhine was […]

Today, 80 percent of the world’s inhabitants will invoke some long-lost connection to the Emerald Isle as an excuse to drink Guinness and wear green. But I’d rather celebrate another of the great Irish exports today: the incomparable Irish wit. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Most everyone is keenly aware of their physical self-image. But have you ever considered how you perceive your own mind? I’ve always thought of myself as having a poor memory: I seldom remember the plots of books and movies in any detail, for example, no matter how much I’ve enjoyed them. Over the years I’ve […]

After months of wading through hip-deep snow — and enduring a mind-numbing 50 days below zero (Fahrenheit!) — I’m happy to report the start of The Great Thaw of 2014. For once, I don’t mind slogging though the sloppy slush. And because it’s warmed up enough that I’m no longer worried about my nostrils freezing […]

“Impossible!” “No way!” “You’re full of it!” That’s how acquaintances usually respond when I tell them I’m an introvert. After all, I have no qualms about talking to random strangers. I do alright with public speaking. And I’m blessed to have many wonderful, cherished friends. But the truth is that although I may greatly enjoy […]

Steve and I had the tremendous privilege and honor this morning of hearing His Holiness The Dalai Lama give the opening speech of The Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis. Now in its 26th year, the Forum tackles not only the hopeful topic of world peace, but also more pressing social issues such as faith, […]