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According to Google, today is Rembrandt van Rijn’s 407th birthday. Perhaps it’s the flattering light, but to me he doesn’t look a day over 400. Last year — when Mr. van Rijn was only 406 — I was immensely privileged to get a private tour of Rembrandt in America at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. […]

My sweet Moosieheart, I used to think love belonged to the young. But I’m old enough now to know that it takes seasons for love to bloom — the warmth of many summers, but also winter’s icy veil. For while joy and laughter may unite us, it’s the trying times that strengthen our bond. It’s […]



I woke up this morning gasping desperately for air, reaching toward the ceiling with my right arm. Moments before I’d been walking next to a friend. She’d gone ahead of me toward the white, frothy place where oceans become land. But — just a few yards behind her — I’d sunk silently into the sand. […]