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Since 1970, Americans have celebrated April 22 as “Earth Day.” It seems fitting to mark this year’s anniversary with the words of one of the original Americans, Chief Seattle.

One of the things I most love about blogging is “meeting” other bloggers around the world. It’s wonderful to see that the flowers are blooming in Scotland, or to momentarily mistake Paris for Marrakesh. But this far-flung news can also be depressing. I live in Minnesota, you see. Tucked up against Canada — in the […]

Last Saturday I had the honor of being Freshly Pressed. Many thanks are in order: to Cheri at WordPress; to everyone who read, “liked” or reblogged my post on street art; to my new subscribers (welcome!); and especially to the more than 200 readers who took the time to comment. But what most surprised me […]

Ten days ago, a truck pulled up to Steve’s and my rented home and disgorged a pile of boxes into the garage. Boxes full of books, boots, clothes, VHS tapes … boxes full of memories, and the possessions we’ve amassed together over the past 27 years. But as I stood in front of the pile […]

Goodbye, HBlog


I’ve been a bit overwhelmed in the aftermath of my personal Noah’s Flood, so I haven’t blogged much lately. In spite of this fact, I’ve still managed to pick up a couple of new subscribers — including former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan! I’m tremendously honored that he’s read my humble mumblings. But I was astounded […]