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I fell asleep on a train this morning and woke up in Morocco. All joking aside — and no disrespect intended — that’s exactly how I felt today when I walked into the Grande Mosquée de Paris. Crossing the threshold from the rue de Desplas into Paris’ largest mosque felt like stepping into a different […]

I am extraordinarily lucky to get to visit Paris as often as I do. No matter how routine my trips are becoming — or how familiar the city is beginning to feel — I remind myself of my good fortune every time I hear, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Paris.” I savored the sense of […]

When I’m preparing to travel, one of my most necessary — but most dreaded — tasks is to erase the former trip’s photos from my cameras’ memory cards. As I tackled the task once again this morning, I thought of all the treasured memories those tiny silicon chips contained: Thanksgiving dinner in Paris; four days […]

One of the things I love about living in the Twin Cities is the lakes: There’s nothing like an early-morning walk along the water to start the day. Usually my lakeside walks are brisk and purposeful—and that was my intent yesterday morning as I set off toward Como Lake in search of some exercise. What […]

Although I no longer attend church, some lessons from my childhood faith still resonate for me. Of these, Easter is among the most important. Believing that someone could come back from the dead is a matter of faith. But believing in the human potential for renewal and rebirth? For me, that’s a matter of fact. […]