My Facebook experiment, two years on


I had mixed feelings about joining Facebook.

I am by nature a very private person, and I cringed at the thought of broadcasting my every move. Yet as old friends scattered all over the planet—and as I made new friends through my own travels—Facebook seemed like the best way to stay in touch.

I quickly learned just how compelling this online community can be. Over the past two years, I’ve followed my former colleague Max as he’s photographed his way through Egypt and Iraq. I’ve tagged along vicariously as another moved to Bulgaria and became a teacher. I’ve reconnected with old neighbors and classmates, and I’ve made some new online friends.

But of all the things I’ve grown to appreciate about Facebook, the endless stream of laughs is near the top of my list. Here’s a random collection of things that brought a chuckle over the past two weeks. I hope they start your day on a happy note, too.

… and to continue with our maritime disaster theme:

This one wins the “Most Ironic Tattoo” award:

I think this one applies to sleeping with babies, too …

… and last, but certainly not least, a tribute to beer, bratwurst, and bellies.

11 Responses to “My Facebook experiment, two years on”

  1. A great collection!

    • 2 hmunro

      Not as highbrow as my journalist friends’ blogs, but someone’s gotta repost the beer-belly pics. (*Shudder!*)

      Hope you and Silke are staying warm in Pareee!

  2. Hehe, those are good ones! The social media one missed Pinterest – here are lots of pretty pictures of pee, various different places you can pee and new ways to try peeing! 🙂 (I love Pinterest, it’s my new addiction…)

    • 4 hmunro

      You’re about the fifth person in the past week who has mentioned Pinterest! I’m curious, but I’m a wee bit afraid of checking it out for fear of spending even more time surfing. Though I suppose it *would* be useful to discover some new ways of peeing … 🙂 So nice to see you again!

      • Oh yes, be afraid, be very afraid! Pinterest is a massive time suck. A fantastic, inspiring, pretty, addictive, potentially useful time suck 🙂 It has helped me get some house tidying done though, so it’s been worth it 😀

  3. 6 dancingbeastie

    Thanks so much for sharing these! I’m sitting chuckling away like a loon, while the dogs give me resigned looks. I like them all, but Colin Firth really does it for me (in every way, sigh, predictable though that is) and so does ‘This is SPARTAAA!’. Now I really want to shout that at the next person I see. Oh, happy days! 😀

    • 7 hmunro

      It makes me smile to think of you chuckling away like a loon! And somehow I knew you’d like the Colin Firth (and Thecond and Thirth) photos. He is quite something, isn’t he? As for that Sparta thing: Let’s just say it reminds me of every chess game I’ve ever played. My kamikaze gambit works pretty well until I’m down to only a rook and my king. Ha.

  4. 8 dancingbeastie

    And P.S. – I’m glad you’re on Facebook!

  5. The eel. Ohhhhhh the eeel. I am going to remember that one for a while.

    P.S. If you think FB is great, you should try Stumble. Ohhhhhhhhhhh man.

    • 11 hmunro

      Isn’t that eel bit great? One of my faves, too. And thanks for recommending Stumble, but as a former Stumble addict, I must decline. (Just one click and I’d be off the wagon again, I think!)

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