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At the risk of turning this blog into a vapid regurgitation of things my friends post on Facebook, I can’t resist posting these hilarious 10-second career snapshots. Don’t see your job listed? Don’t worry. More are being added every day. And remember: It’s never too late to switch careers!

I had mixed feelings about joining Facebook. I am by nature a very private person, and I cringed at the thought of broadcasting my every move. Yet as old friends scattered all over the planet—and as I made new friends through my own travels—Facebook seemed like the best way to stay in touch. I quickly […]

Once every couple of years, the meteorological conditions in Minneapolis coalesce to produce hoarfrost. Although most Minnesotans—including at least one newspaper employee—misspell it as “whore frost,” it has nothing to do with the ladies of the night. Hoarfrost happens when the air is warm and relatively humid, and then the temperature drops below freezing. As […]