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If Mozart had eaten more veggies, partied less, and gotten a bit of exercise, today he might be celebrating his 256th birthday. Photo via I was made aware of this fact last Saturday during A Prairie Home Companion, when Garrison Keillor and pianist Rich Dworsky teamed up for a lovely-yet-cheeky tribute to Herr Mozart. […]

As I get older, milestones become more important. Some of them — like birthdays — mark the passage of time. Others make me think about the future. Today is one of the latter. On this day two years ago, I was told I have a brain tumor. I’ve tried very hard not to let it […]

I was a bit reluctant to leave Paris last November, when I hopped the train to Freiburg. But I soon forgot my misgivings: I fell in love with Freiburg at first sight. So I wasn’t too surprised this morning to find myself surfing for blogs about this beautiful German city. The first hit was something […]

Well, here we go again: It’s New Year’s Day, and millions of people have resolved to be better—and do better—in the year ahead. I’m a big supporter of self-improvement. So if you’ve decided to lose weight or quit smoking or cut down on your drinking, I highly recommend I’m also a big believer in […]