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It’s funny, the things you remember about your travels. This morning I was corresponding with my friend Chris about an upcoming trip. I’m flying into Paris, but don’t yet have an itinerary. Germany? Spain? Italy … Rome? Chris extolled the virtues of Rome in winter—and the convenience of the short-hop airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet and […]

I blog for my own enjoyment, for the pleasure of being able to relive what I was thinking or experiencing on a particular day. Still … occasionally I wonder whether blogging is worth the effort. Although I’ve made some cherished friends through HeatherBlog, the majority of my posts seem to disappear into the great digital […]

In 1962, Arthur Clarke wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Magic: That’s what Steve Jobs gave the world. He had the vision to not only develop dazzlingly advanced technology—but to also make it sleek and elegant and a joy to use. And in the process, Steve Jobs changed the world. Millions […]

I am sitting in the very heart of the city where Elvis Presley recorded Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 … where Bob Dylan cut Blonde on Blonde in 1966 … and where Kansas laid down Dust in the Wind in 1978. Those are just three of the reasons Nashville, Tennessee is known as “music city.” When […]