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I woke up to heavy rain this morning, and to the sad realization that my Paris adventure is nearing its end. I left the apartment in a melancholy mood. Part of me was sad to be leaving Paris. Part of me was homesick and lonely. And the weather wasn’t helping. But then I spotted this […]

I woke up feeling much better than I did yesterday, so I got up for an early-morning walk. It didn’t take long to realize that I didn’t look quite as good as I felt: Even the pigeons were giving me dirty looks. Still … that didn’t keep me from taking avant-garde self-portraits … … or […]

After almost two weeks of burning the candle on both ends, today I hit the wall. (Pardon the mixed metaphor.) I woke up feeling terrible—throat, stomach, head, feet … everything. And although I tried venturing out a couple of times, I felt too tired to wander too far. Sigh. In the morning I caught some […]

Long before I arrived in France, I decided that today I’d go to Chartres. Chartres is a beautiful little medieval city about 70 miles outside of Paris. To get there, first I had to hop the métro to the Gare Montparnasse train station. This conductor quietly rehearsed his score on the way. Then, I had […]

My days and nights seem to be running together—and the common thread is my new-found friends. Last night I went to Le Galway to catch my pal Jan. He rocked the house … and after two hours, I was hoarse from singing along. The short walk home provided some much-needed fresh air and gave me […]

I woke up several times during the night, dreaming about today’s adventure: Imagine getting to visit two “phantom” métro tunnels that have been closed to the public for decades! I couldn’t believe my luck a couple of weeks ago when I contacted ADEMAS on a lark. They’re a historical preservation society that specializes in researching […]

Yesterday’s unexpected encounter with an authentic Parisian street photographer got me thinking about this city’s longtime tradition of capturing real-life moments as they happen. For me, the masters include Robert Doisneau, Sabine Weiss, Willy Ronis, Eugène Atget, Brassaï … But there are some great contemporary photographers as well. Yanidel is one of my faves—not only […]

If I were at work today, I’d be laughing with my friend Tom about today’s main ingredient in the Acronym Soup: “OMG” has apparently been accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). What’s more … Other Internet-inspired expressions given the stamp of approval include LOL, “laughing out loud”; IMHO, “in my humble opinion”; and BFF, […]

One of the things I most love about Paris is that, everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by music and art. Today’s highlights: Getting to be a bouquiniste for a half hour, meeting a ridiculously accomplished photographer, hearing my buddy Jan play for three hours, and happening upon a light-show rehearsal at Notre Dame during my […]

I didn’t sleep well again last night thanks to an incessant, low-grade kennel-cough. As my husband Steve always says, “It’s not truly a vacation unless Heather gets sick.” Mission accomplished! I decided to fortify myself on some essential fatty acids. (Mmmm, EFAs.) So for breakfast I had a salmon and avocado sandwich—and a bonus vocabulary […]