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Imagine being being locked in a small room with a man who has a violent history. A couple of people are watching from behind a reinforced-glass window as the man in the room starts beating you. You pound on the window, pleading for help, but the people behind the glass just watch. You fall to […]

First things first: A couple of days ago, I’d promised to report back with some suggested wine pairings and side-dish recommendations for my CT contrast “smoothie.” Alas, I’ve got nothing. The “berry” flavor was as bad as I’d feared. The consistency? Even worse. And to add insult to injury, my barium beverage rendered me uncontrollably […]

So thankful


Every day, I’m amazed in some way by my incredible good fortune. Some days I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have a job. Other days, I realize how fortunate I am to feel healthy, or to have my vision or my hearing or my mobility. Steve and I often say how lucky we […]

My phone rang unexpectedly yesterday morning. “My name is Graham, and I’m calling to set up your oncology appointment,” the caller said. I was confused. “Do you know why?” I asked. “I don’t have cancer.” He had no answer. I wondered whether there was still a mix-up over my most recent MRI, so I left […]

It’s no coincidence that many of my recent posts have been about friendship. Since learning in a most concrete way that my days are probably numbered, I’ve gained a new and deep appreciation for the people I love. And chief among them is Steve, my husband of 20 years. Ours is not a perfect marriage. […]

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to reconnect with some long-lost friends. A couple of them deserve an apology. A few others, I’ve just missed. I had lunch with one of the latter today. I haven’t seen Rich in almost 25 years. Back then, he had a flame-red mohawk. He also had a […]

Although I keep a low profile online, I occasionally still get invitations from people I’d rather not “friend.” A month ago I got a request from a distant colleague. She’s never said a word to me about my brain tumor, but I know that she knows: She’s been spreading the news far outside the office […]



Today marks the second-annual Give to the Max Day. I heard about it yesterday through a colleague. Then I heard about it last night on Facebook. And again this morning, through my email. And again on Facebook. “Enough already!” I was tempted to shout. But I’m glad I checked it out. For starters, I learned […]

A horrible noise interrupted my commute this morning. It sounded exactly like the stall-warning siren from a Cessna 152 (another story—and another noise I’d prefer to never hear again). I looked at the dashboard and saw a blinking red light. Crap. Almost at the same moment, I smelled the acrid aroma of burning car. Crap! […]

I’ve never had much use for fashion. At its worst, it can be impractical, silly, or downright dangerous. And even at its best, it’s still wasteful. (Think of the vast resources that go into producing the latest trendy whatevers—which of course will be discarded a year later, when the new trends make their debut.) But […]