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I found out today that a colleague has cancer, and that the husband of another has only a week or two left to live. I wanted to send both women a note, yet I struggled to find the words. I knew there was nothing I could write that would offer comfort or peace. But I […]

I slept terribly last night. (As Steven Wright would say, “I made a few mistakes.”) Anyway … I thought I might sleep better tonight if I took a hot bath. So I grabbed the stack of magazines that had piled up while I was out of town. Then I drew a tubful of 218-degree water. […]

Over the past few weeks I’ve caught occasional news blurbs about the ongoing preparations for the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games, which are slated to start on October 3. If you believed in curses, you might suspect that someone had hexed the games. The worst of the incidents—so far—has been the collapse of a foot bridge […]

After more than two weeks of glorious freedom, today I went back to work. My colleagues greeted me with lots of smiles and hugs — and with the mother of all practical jokes. A quarter of my desk was buried under assignments, which in turn were plastered with notes: “HOT!” “See me ASAP!” “Can you […]

According to the screen on the airplane, I’m at 33,500 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t quite believe that my adventure is drawing to a close. It has been an extraordinary two weeks. My only regret is that it flew by so quickly. When I set off on September 9, I felt a little […]

Steve’s dad wanted me to himself this morning, so I met him after breakfast. I’d planned a historic walk I thought he might enjoy, but instead we ended up at the public market so he could take some photos. I didn’t mind. It was pretty damned picturesque. After the market, we had time only for […]

New to HeatherBlog? Welcome! Here’s what’s happening: After 10 days in Paris by myself, I’ve been joined by my husband Steve, his dad, and his uncle Frank. Our plan for Thursday was to meet for breakfast and then catch the train to Chartres. But somewhere between taking a shower and making my tea, I decided […]

Today our gang of four met up early. We were all eager to see Giverny, the estate we’d grown to love through Monet’s paintings. We grabbed our jackets and headed to the Gare St. Lazare, where you catch the train to Vernon. Alas, the schedule we’d been given was wrong: The next train wasn’t for […]

After our late night yesterday, Steve and I took it easy this morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast that stretched until noon. Then his dad and uncle Frank joined us for lunch. Steve wanted to do laundry and run some errands, so I volunteered to play tour guide for the afternoon. Dad and Frank didn’t […]

Today was my last day in Paris by myself, so I set out early to wrap up the few “must-sees” that remained on my list. The first order of business was to swing by my friend Chris’ apartment to water his orchid. It’s been pretty hot the past few days—especially, I’m sure, in his tiny […]