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Steve often comments that it’s a civic duty to read the newspaper. Lately I just nod, smile, and change the subject. I agree with him, of course. Shared information is one of the most potent social bonds. But lately I’ve been avoiding the news. Ever since the BP oil spill started spreading into the Gulf, […]

I often joke that there hasn’t been an original idea since about 1971. Sure, there have been some amazing technological advances. But most pop culture is pretty derivative. Today I was reminded that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. First, I got the very welcome news from my friend Tom (aka “The Blogfodder”) that the […]

Bons amis


In the past couple of days I’ve been delighted to meet two of my (new) favorite authors. The first meeting was only virtual—but rewarding, just the same. I’d been reading Leonard Pitt’s exquisitely researched Walks Through Lost Paris, and I felt compelled to write and praise his work. To my surprise, he wrote back. I […]

Sometimes Steve gently chides me for the amount of time I spend at my computer. And he’s right: I really should get out more, poke around in the garden, get some sun. But I can’t help myself. My laptop makes me happy. I use it to do some of things I most love: to write, […]

The newest Cub


Yesterday I got an unexpected call from my Uncle Scott. I love him dearly, but we don’t talk often. He’s out in California, and we live different lives. So I was surprised to hear his voice. First I ran through the holidays: Thanksgiving? Christmas? Birthday? Nope. Then I wondered whether everything was OK. Of course […]

Summer solstice


When I was 9 or 10, my parents “traded” their Mexico City home with a family from Vashon Island, Washington. I have lots of happy memories from that vacation: digging for clams at low tide; the smell of the brine in the air; how happy my dad seemed to be near the sea … But […]

I haven’t walked around Como Lake in almost a month. Either the weather has been too stormy or I’ve been too tired, too busy, too something. I’ve missed it. So last night I resolved to visit Como Lake today, no matter the weather or my mood. Most people find it boring to walk in circles […]

Good Karma


Steve and I have had a houseguest for the past week. Karma is an ancient chocolate Labrador who has the lumbering gait (and general size) of a bear, but the temperament of a lamb. At first, I felt a bit impatient on my walks with Karma. Her pace is slow and deliberate, thanks to her […]

I got an email today from my friend Chris, who is in Paris for a 6-month assignment. As always, I loved his wry observations and his beautiful writing. He paints such vivid pictures with just a few words. (“It’s like a mental hospital, only without doctors and less social.”) I found myself missing his voice, […]

I used to dream of becoming a professional photographer. I knew a couple of studio jockeys—and worked with a bunch of photojournalists—and I could never get over the fact that they got paid to take pictures. Their jobs don’t seem quite so sweet anymore. Over the past couple of days, I’ve had a glimpse behind […]