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Most Americans (myself included) are enjoying a day off today, courtesy of the men and women who have died defending our country—or someone else’s. But it’s sad that seemingly few of us take time to reflect on the sacrifices that generations past have made … and that so many Americans are still making. Today, I […]

Food Inc.


I can’t stop thinking about Food Inc. Steve and I watched it about a month ago and I haven’t been quite the same since. This afternoon I ran to our local Cub Foods to buy some barbecueables. “Grab us some turkey burgers,” Steve said. “And white onions, some buns, and a couple of tomatoes.” A […]

On this day in 1533, England’s Archbishop declared the marriage of King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn valid. This fact caught my eye today on the New York Times’ list of historical milestones for two reasons. First, Steve and I recently started watching The Tudors. It’s great TV. But I find myself doubting the series’ […]



I’ve been an Internet orphan since mid-March. That’s when my neighbor moved away, taking with him the wi-fi we’d been sharing for almost two years. So on Monday I called a local ISP and arranged for my own connection. On Tuesday I got an invoice for a year of service. And today I called to […]

Today marks the one-year anniversary of HeatherBlog. Anniversaries can be a funny thing. Sometimes we observe them out of tradition or obligation. Sometimes they’re a sentimental touchstone, a reminder of what matters most. I can’t believe that Steve and I will soon be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, or that our dog Arrow has been […]



I was anxious about assembling my new digital piano. The box was huge, and I could only imagine how many pieces of unlabeled wood might be lurking in there—not to mention the unidentified screws. As it turns out, it was a breeze. It took me and Steve only a half hour to unpack the piano, […]

Moving day


“Where are we going to put it?” Steve asked me this morning, as he surveyed the giant box in our living room. “I have no idea,” I answered. And so we embarked on a daylong journey of rearranging our possessions to make room for my new piano. Eventually we decided to remove a dresser and […]

Last night Steve and I happened upon a PBS program about modern tank warfare. (We’d been hoping for Rudy Maxa. Wrong day, apparently. Sigh.) Once I resigned myself to my fate, I actually started to enjoy the show. It was fascinating to hear about how the Russians retooled their tanks—even as World War II was […]

Steve came home with a small surprise tonight. “Is this Prince Charlie?” he asked, as he held up a tiny trembling dog. The little Cavalier King Charles spaniel sure looked like my neighbor Anita’s dog. But the tag on the collar said “Mathilda.” “It was running down the middle of Hennepin,” said Steve. “I stopped […]

The piano


I made a big purchase tonight: a Yamaha electronic piano. It’s something I’ve been pondering since I gave the old family piano to my nieces three years ago. At the time I didn’t think I’d miss it; I hadn’t played in more than a year. But I found that old chestnut to be true: You […]