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Just last weekend, Steve and I were reminiscing about the changes we’ve seen over the past 25 years. When we were in college, our neighborhood seemed quaint and homey. It reminded us of a small town. Huge cathedral elms towered over the streets, bathing everything in dappled shade. Then came Dutch elm disease. Our beautiful […]

Two great reads


It’s been a hectic week. In trying to keep up with the world around me, I’ve had little time for thinking my own thoughts. That’s one of the tough things about writing for a living: It pretty much occupies your life. But in the midst of all the din, two items brightened my day. The […]

I used to scoff silently at the people who would spend an entire evening at a coffee house, tapping away on their laptops. “How can they possibly get anything done?” I always wondered. I figured it must all be for show, so I dismissed them as a bunch of poseurs. Well, tonight I’ve joined their […]

Last week, my friend Tom (aka “The Blogfodder”) sent me a link to a wonderful project the New York Times is organizing. In a nutshell, the NYT is inviting photographers around the world to shoot an image at 15:00 GMT (10 a.m. Central), and to submit it for the A Moment in Time documentary project. […]

Last week, Steve brought home a copy of Bill Bryson’s autobiography, The Life and Times of The Thunderbolt Kid. “And I got it for only 50 cents,” he said, grinning. Apparently, the only thing better than a good book is a cheap good book. Steve and I are big fans of Bill Bryson. (Even if […]

I love reading “Miss Manners.” Although the questions are sometimes a bit simplistic, the advice in this sweetly anachronistic newspaper column often reminds me of the enormous power of small gestures. Like saying thank you. A few days ago I treated an acquaintance to a small birthday celebration. I was a bit hurt that she […]

When I first met my new creative director, I asked him which words he hates. Most writers loathe at least one word. Sometimes we can explain why; other times it’s more visceral. I used to feel a little silly about the latter, but now I just accept it as an occupational hazard. Anyway … I […]

You’ve no doubt noticed the apparent rash of earthquakes over the past few months. Some people are hypothesizing that this could be a sign of the coming Apocalypse, or of Christ’s impending return. Others contend that strong earthquakes aren’t really all that anomalous. Fortunately, there’s a voice of reason emerging from all this seismic chaos: […]

This afternoon Steve, my friends Jim and John and I attended the final performance of Tributes by the James Sewell Ballet. I didn’t know anything about the program, beyond a blurb and this intriguing photo on a direct-mail flyer. I just had to see how the dancers did this risky and difficult lift. So I […]

This is one in a series of occasional posts about life with a brain tumor. If you’re new to HeatherBlog, you can get the back-story here. Late yesterday evening, I got the phone call I’d been awaiting for three months: My follow-up MRI showed no significant changes in my brain tumor. I was touched that […]