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Virtually yours


Can our virtual lives serve as a sociological tool? Pete Warden thinks so. The former Apple engineer—who analyzes mountains of data just for the sheer joy of it—has turned his loving eye toward Facebook. Over the past year, Warden has gathered data from 210 million public Facebook profiles. And he’s seen some pretty striking patterns. […]

Bugger all!


It’s payday—oh, most blessed of days—so this morning I logged in to check the balance on my bank account. I was surprised to discover that I’ve been doing quite a lot of shopping in Great Britain. Some git has gotten his bloody paws on my Visa card number, and has apparently been treating himself to […]

During one of many raffles at my extended family’s annual gathering last year, I was lucky enough to win a small book with the collected poems of Robert Burns. I spent a good deal of time trying to wade through his little masterpieces, but their full meaning was lost to me—with one exception: To a […]

My friend Chris and I met for lunch today. As we reflected on the turns our lives have taken since we left the Star Tribune, our conversation meandered toward the topic of purpose. He told me about an article he once read in Smithsonian by a man who studied Asian cranes. The author and ornithologist […]

Two thumbs up


A couple of days ago my friend Tom (aka “The Blogfodder”) sent me a link to Chris Jones’ beautiful, stirring portrait of Roger Ebert. I’ve read it three times—so far. I was never a big fan of Ebert’s when he was on TV. He was erudite and smart, but he also seemed a hair pushy […]

Today I had a check-in with my boss. After discussing a couple of my recent projects, I asked him about an email I’d sent him back in January. “So are you OK with my taking a couple of weeks off this fall?” I asked. “Let me think about it,” he replied. I don’t remember what […]

Tonight I met two of my dearest friends (Jim and John) at my favorite Japanese restaurant (Obento Ya) for my favorite meal (sushi combo with spicy tuna rolls and a beer on the side). The only thing missing from an otherwise perfect evening was my favorite husband (Steve). %!$@# work! Anyway … Jim has been […]

For me, one of the weirdest fall-outs from the economic downturn (let’s just say it: recession) has been my friends’ flight to pseudo-entrepreneurship. One acquaintance sells Mary Kay cosmetics. Another sells Lia Sophia jewelry. Pampered Chef. Entertaining at Home. Tupperware, Avon, Kirby vacuums. I’ve endured pitches for them all. Yesterday I got an invitation to […]

I’m a rather voracious reader. But I’m also a bit of a tree-hugger. So way back in 2004, I decided to do something nice for the environment by purchasing fewer printed books. Between 2004 and 2005, I’m sure I accounted for 50% of the sales at I listened to audio books during my commute, […]

This is one in a series of occasional posts about life with a newly-diagnosed brain tumor. If you’re new to HeatherBlog, you can get the back-story here. I’ve been doing great—mood-wise—over the past few days. “I’m going to visualize the tumor shrinking,” I told my mom. “Imagine how surprised they’ll be in three months when […]